Our Story

Long before farm-to-table was something fancy and special, my family was living it out of necessity! My parents had eight children to feed, not to mention the endless family and friends who came to visit, so we always had a large garden and we all learned how to grow and care for plants from a young age.

When in March 2020 I lost both my job in healthcare management and my mother, I was faced with making a decision on how to spend the remainder of my career. My mom, Jean, had left each of her children with a small inheritance, her only request that we do something meaningful with it, and it was to my gardens and flowers that I turned for inspiration. My mom loved to be outside, cultivating the earth and had continued to garden right up until the year of her death.

She grew not only amazing flowers, but also vegetables and fruit that she would turn into all manner of preserves – jellies and salsa and sauces… all kept in carefully tracked jars, and woe to you if you didn’t return them promptly enough so she could start the next batch!

It struck me then – I could open a plant shop to finish my working days, and name it Mason Jar in her memory! It was too big an endeavor to tackle alone, so my daughter Jill came with me and together we have built a place I know Mom would be proud of, and a community of plant lovers to share her gifts with all of you and carry on the family tradition.

Welcome to Mason Jar Plant Shop!

Dianna and Jill standing by shelves of plants
Dianna & Jill

Our mission is to cultivate happiness to all with the best variety and selection of plants, and support our community with work by local artists.