Our Story

Long before Farm-to-Table was a thing, my family was living it. My parents always had a large garden, out of necessity, to help feed the eight children and endless family and friends who came to visit.

When in March 2020, I lost both my job in healthcare management and my mom, I was faced with making a decision on how to spend the remainder of my career. My mom, Jean, was able to leave a small inheritance to each child and her only request was that we do something meaningful with it.

One day as I was outside enjoying the warmth and my flowers, I of course was reminded of how much my mom loved both being outside and cultivating the earth. She had continued to garden and can the food she grew until the year before her death. She also continued to give us kids the fruits of her labor, in the form of canned goods! The only caveat was that she kept meticulous track of every single jar and lid, when she gave them to you and when you were supposed to return them, and if we failed to return them on time, it was not pretty!

That’s when it hit me – I would open a plant shop and name it Mason Jar Plant Shop in her honor and use the money from her to start it! I was able to include two other family members, daughter Jill and sister-in-law Joanie to really make it a family business.

Our intention and goal is to create an atmosphere where people feel happy and peaceful. Mom is present in spirit, as we strive to “Cultivate Happiness.”

Dianna Nance, Owner